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10 Reasons to Be Excited About Essentia Here's ten reasons why Essentia has the potential to break the internet of fragmentation and propel us towards mainstream blockchain adoption.

Courtesy of Essentia

1: Essentia is not just an application or a simple platform, it's a protocol.

Essentia does front itself with a user-friendly interface to navigate across multiple blockchains and decentralized apps. But its open-source code also means that developers can tuck into the back end and create customized experiences, for anyone to use.

2: Essentia automates the unnecessary digital admin, meaning you can get back to working on what really matters.

Buying or selling crypto/assets? Simply set the value parameters to your preferred prices and Essentia will scan over your exchanges. By doing all the manual work instantly, Essentia ensures you get the best value.

3: Essentia is creating two brand new application classes, cross-chain apps (cApps) and multi-chain apps (mApps).

As we have all begun to realize the world of blockchains are painfully fragmented. The lack of integration is exactly what Essentia has aimed to eliminate, with this new protocol, decentralized apps can function across chains and work simultaneously on multiple chains.

4: As a personalized operating system, Essentia allows us to interact with the new decentralized Internet. It's like a bridge between the past and the future.

For newcomers and tech experts alike, accessing and managing the web of decentralized entities has never been easier. Essentia can be thought of as a customizable OS which enables us to transport our data from centralized platforms to infinitely more secure decentralized services.

5: Essentia cannot own or access your personal data, nor will the (de)centralized services you use.

Imagine no centralization, it's easy if you try. No data thieves below us, above us only sky... Doesn't really flow, but you get the gist. There is no supreme commander with access to swathes of personal data. Everything done within Essentia remains completely in the users' hands, we can thank blockchain technology for that.

6: Essentia automatically interoperates with DApps in their native token, you'll never need to carry multiple tokens again.

Requiring a single token for each DApp you use is incredibly unpractical considering the time and cost in acquiring them. The ESS token may be the last token you ever have to obtain, that's because it enables you to access your favourite decentralized services in one. How convenient!

7: On top of Essentia you can build applications in whatever language you want.

Essentia is language agnostic. We wanted to make sure any developer around the world has the ability to use Essentia as their tool to create next generation blockchain based decentralized facilities. It's a way of ensuring we build this community together, spread the blockchain love and speed towards mainstream adoption.

8: Essentia has integrated the best of the best applications, so you can natively interact with one convenient point of access.

One seed to access your digital life, in its entirety or just sections. Our hard work partnering with and integrating the next best apps and services means it's finally possible to have your entire crypto life secure and accessible only to you, from anywhere in the world.

9: Decentralized passwordless logins.

It has finally become a possibility! Forget insecure passwords that are likely to be forgotten and vulnerable to be hacked. Essentia has adopted state of the art eLogin technology to ensure your accounts are only accessible to you.

10: Important for us investors out there — buy-sell crypto instantly.

Ever checked the price of crypto then gone onto your exchange and it's already changed for the worse? Never miss out on a good deal again. Not only can you automate the process but you could even use Amazon Alexa to voice command trades across the various exchanges to get the best price. Not a single button needs to be pressed!

The extent of possibilities is by no means limited to ten examples, but we can already see why investors are getting excited about the upcoming ICO. The private sale recently closed which reached the hard cap of over $20m and offers for over $70m. It's not too late to register in the whitelist so head over to and have a look around!

For more information check out the official website and join the Essentia Telegram.