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15 Effective Strategies for Achieving Organic Customer and Revenue Growth In this article, we delve into the insights of fifteen organic growth experts, including CEOs and founders, to uncover effective strategies for customer and revenue growth.

From leveraging LinkedIn and customer feedback to engaging in a social media content strategy, these leaders share their unique approaches and explain why and how they worked. Dive in to discover the organic growth strategies that have proven successful.

Leverage LinkedIn and Customer Feedback

These tactics go back to the early days of founding my company in 2010. Some of my first clients were obtained via LinkedIn by posting about starting a new business and that we were taking on new work/clients and had bandwidth.

Now, as a company with almost 20 employees, we strive to provide exceptional customer support and services. The quality of work is always key to producing word-of-mouth type of referrals. We buy into the philosophy that the little things always make the biggest difference. We also include customer feedback survey links at the bottom of every email that we send to our clients to receive feedback on how we are performing. And when someone provides really good feedback or a compliment, we ask for referrals.

Something else you can do is create referral cards to hand out and mail strategically to clients. Or, offer incentives, such as commission, if their referral signs on.

Until we created a full-time marketing position, this is how I could scale organically.

John Sammon, CEO and Founder, Sixth City Marketing

Partner with Nonprofits and Universities

Partnering with nonprofit organizations, our brand partnered with nonprofit organizations in Toronto, such as YWCA Toronto and Red Door Family Shelter. We donated mattresses to their shelters, supporting those in need and introducing our products to potential customers. This way, we elevated our brand's reputation as community-supportive.

Additionally, we collaborated with the University of Toronto and UHN on sleep studies, using their findings to improve our mattresses. This academic association gave our products a unique edge in the market. Given other factors being equal, a client will invariably choose a mattress company that showcases social responsibility and academic collaboration.

While this approach doesn't yield immediate results, over time, we've seen an uptick in referrals and word of mouth about our brand, as confirmed by customer satisfaction surveys, online reviews, and repeat purchase rates.

David Owen, Founder, Dozy

Build Trust Through Video Content

Text content drives traffic; video content drives trust.

People are still primed to use Google when they have a question, but they often prefer video to get their answer. Video also does a better job of earning trust than text-based content. As a result, we've begun adding video to all of the top-visited pages of our website and our clients'.

With our website, the result has been a 60% increase in conversions year-over-year, despite a decrease in organic traffic.

We've also noticed many of our discovery calls have completely shifted from us having to prove ourselves to leads saying things like, "I feel like I already know you!" That would never have been possible without video.

At the same time, it's critical to have the combination of video and text. It's hard to get a video ranking on Google, and B2B buyers aren't yet primed to use YouTube when researching information on a vendor.

Frank Olivo, CEO, Sagapixel SEO

Collaborate with Unconventional Influencers

To achieve organic customer and revenue growth, consider collaborating with unconventional influencers like authors, writers, activists, mom accounts, and clothing designers. These "non-traditional influencers" have dedicated followers who value their authenticity over paid promotions. Gifting products to these non-influencers can lead to successful engagement.

When these individuals casually feature the items in their content, i.e., wearing the top while shooting their usual content, their engaged audience inquires about them, driving traffic to the client's website. This strategy capitalizes on authentic connections and genuine interest, representing the future of influencer marketing—less about paid endorsements and more about engagement and trust.

Amy Springhall, Founder, The Visibility Project

Prioritize Customer Experience and Referrals

We've achieved organic growth by prioritizing customer experience through product quality, fast shipping, and top-notch support, resulting in a strong NPS (Net Promoter Score).

We developed a successful referral program and are now enhancing it with gamification, led by our Head of Digital Product and an experienced UX expert formerly with a European food delivery unicorn. This Q4, we are set to capitalize on the referral program to drive further growth, maximizing our loyal customer base to drive high-value conversions.

David Charles, Co-Founder and CEO, Mood

Tailor High-Quality Content to Customer Needs

Our website's growth and customer acquisition have been entirely organic. To briefly explain, a couple of years ago, we conducted a thorough account mapping of our current customers and prospective leads. We delved deep into their challenges and identified opportunities for tailored software solutions. Our primary emphasis was on producing high-quality content to support their journeys.

The outcome has been specific inquiries related to their pain points. We continued to explore their challenges and began crafting content like solution roadmaps, whitepapers, pre-launch checklists, blogs, and more. This strategy enabled us to expand our targeted audience and grow our customer base significantly.

Rajat Chauhan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ace Infoway

Cultivate a Community of Enthusiasts

We, at Village Cricket Co., have achieved organic revenue growth by creating a niche community of enthusiasts within our space. We sell cricket gear and have built a community of passionate amateur players. They don't all use our products, but they love the sport and love what we are trying to do for the sport—make it more accessible and affordable.

Within the community, we share sporting stories, ideas, content, and funny videos about cricket, keeping everyone engaged. This has led to a powerful, non-incentivized referral channel for our brand. Members of the community actively recommend our products to their friends, family, and clubmates.

Freddie Chatt, Founder, Village Cricket Co.

Focus on Innovative Product Development

It all comes down to your product and the four points of organic growth: Is your product innovative, attention-getting, well-branded, and distinctive in the marketplace? If so, the likelihood of great organic natural growth increases.

The Mighty Wallet, for example, touched on all four points of organic growth. No one had ever seen an origami wallet made of Tyvek® before, but it was also the clever, fun graphics and inviting, distinctive branding that not only got customers' attention but grew them day after day. The enthusiasm customers had for their discovery of this "cool new thing" was contagious.

Our product's unique look and style invited questions at checkout counters that naturally fed the enthusiasm of our fans to evangelize the product. Even after 10+ years of use, there are customers who express their love for showing others their Mighty Wallet. Organic growth can build long-term brand loyalty that can't be recreated with marketing alone.

Terrence Kelleman, Founder and President, Mighty Wallet

Provide Genuine Value with Free Listings

Genuine value stands out, a belief that drove the curation of the "Free UK Business Listings" guide.

This guide empowers businesses with a list of platforms where they can gain visibility without any financial commitment. What made this approach resonate? It tapped into a genuine need. Businesses, especially new ones, often seek traction without denting their pockets. The guide catered directly to this.

Furthermore, by freely sharing quality information, we showcase our expertise subtly. Visitors engaged with our guide and explored other services on offer. Focusing on authentic value paved the way for our natural growth and deeper connections with the audience.

Shane McEvoy, MD, LeadFly

Create Linkable Assets for Backlinks

My core strategy revolves around the creation of linkable assets: crafting content that is high-quality, distinctive, and packed with value, such as in-depth research, extensive guides, or interactive tools, which naturally earn backlinks.

For one company, I developed a blog post centered around unique statistics, and it organically secured over 30 backlinks.

Ilija Sekulov, Marketing and SEO, Mailbutler

Fill Information Gaps for Businesses

What we did was pinpoint areas where businesses were hungry for information but struggling to find trustworthy advice. Then, we dove deep, researching and testing products and strategies tailored to these niches. Seeing as how our brand is all about helping businesses make well-informed buying decisions, this strategy aligned perfectly with our mission.

As businesses in these niche markets found value in our content and recommendations, they became our advocates. Positive word-of-mouth referrals spread, driving more organic traffic to our website.

Ewen Finser, Founder, The Digital Merchant

Incentivize Participation through Partnerships

We've operated an incentivized testnet that rewards community members for trying our technology and participating in specific campaigns that drive adoption. We have partnered with other projects that are aligned with us both in terms of values and technology. These partnerships have enabled us to attract new users to the Verida Network and have also helped grow the user base of our partners, creating a valuable win-win. This process has given cross-community exposure to users, educating them on what true private data ownership feels like.

An example is our work with Polygon ID, which brings private data storage of zero-knowledge credentials to web3 users. We've integrated Polygon ID ZK issuers and verifiers into the Verida incentivized testnet, enabling their users to store ZK credentials on the Verida Network, and then generate proofs for verifications with other dapps.

Chris Were, CEO, Verida

Invest in the Right Talent

What really hit the mark for us at Onfolio is investing in the right talent, plain and simple. They become the face of your company and can build trust and rapport with your audience in ways that no ad campaign or fancy promotion ever could.

So, we meticulously searched for professionals who not only had the skills and expertise but also shared our vision and values. We made sure they were aligned with our brand and our mission. And when we got those folks on board, we saw a remarkable shift. They helped us fine-tune our messaging, connect with our customers on a whole new level, and ultimately drive more sales.

Dom Wells, CEO, Onfolio

Be Consistent with Communication

Leveraging the power of LinkedIn, combined with a newsletter, audio events, and consistent posting, can lead to significant organic growth in a business.

Visibility and consistency can attract the perfect clients. In many cases, founders and CEOs may not engage with posts immediately, but they will watch and read until they are ready.

Building a community around a brand is essential today, regardless of who you are. The power of such a community is determined by the synergy of its members and their shared desire to achieve similar goals. Openness and transparency can only accelerate this trend. This is a proven method to attract the best clients and will likely continue to be effective for some time.

Cristina Imre, Top Voice On LinkedIn, Executive Coach and Business Strategist for Tech Founders, CEOs and Entrepreneurs, Quantum Wins

Engage a Social Media Content Strategy

Super.com drives organic growth by developing and posting engaging, non-product-related content on social media. Our YouTube page had just ~250 subscribers back in April, but since we started posting shorts consistently, we've grown to 25K subscribers and 14M views by the end of September. We've also seen our TikTok engagement rate grow 75% month-over-month.

The goal of this content is to catch consumers' attention — whether they're in the market for our products or not. This engagement not only builds awareness and consideration, it also drives conversion and revenue. One customer told us this week that they discovered us through Instagram stories, began using our product, and earned $75 in one sitting.

Hussein Fazal, Co-Founder and CEO, Super.com