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2019: Shaking Up the Big Data World

As we wrap up 2018, it is clear that 2019 will be the year of the big data industry. Companies like Palantir are trying to go public, AWS and IBM Cloud recently announced plans to deploy satellite-based cloud connectivity, and Splunk continues to break records as their latest revenue reports a 40.4% climb year over year to $481 million.

So as enterprises look forward, will the big guys continue to shine or is there an opportunity for some of the small fish to flourish? Companies like Gemini Data and JASK have the ability to leap forward and outperform against dated behemoth platforms.

The Challenges With Legacy SIEMs

Operations and management of data platforms are designed for the technology of yesterday, consuming the valuable time of industry experts. Studies report that on average, analysts and IT-ops spend at least a quarter of their work performing manual and repetitive tasks.

Companies like Gemini reveal that the answer to these problems is through true end-to-end AI-automation. Whether using an open source or proprietary solution, autonomous data infrastructures are critical to connecting your data to business value. For these players, the focus is on improving the efficiency of data-ops. Gemini's AI-driven platform simplifies and cleanses data across data silos to streamline analysis for data consumers. Specialist providers like JASK aim to modernize security operations, reducing the workload of security analysts so they can focus on security threats.

Whether your enterprise is focusing DataOps or Security use cases, the future of operations and management is reliant on the adoption of automation, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to create a highly effective data analytics workforce.

2019: The Year of Big Data

With new innovations and large market shifts on the horizon, keep a close eye on companies focusing on the business value of the future.

Big data technology is complex and while many enterprises strive to address these complexities, legacy SIEMs are unavailing in the long run. The only solution may be smart platforms that automate data platform needs.

An autonomous data infrastructure not only simplifies management, but also optimizes the process of analysis. How? It utilizes machine learning, tracking how you use your platform so that it can optimize around you. It tracks the queries you run, the number of clusters you're working with, and how accurately you are using those clusters.

Autonomous data infrastructure examines how you solve for business challenges and then analyzes that information to help you optimize for the best path towards solving those challenges. Gemini Data and JASK are among the big data companies that are building solutions for the future of the data enterprise. Companies that are thinking ahead for the data journey are the enterprise solutions of 2019.