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3 Reasons Dry Mixes Are the Future of CPG Food Brands that don't prepare for inflation and further supply-chain issues are at risk.

By Jaron Lukas Edited by Amanda Breen

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As supply chains broke down recently, many of us who run CPG food companies learned first-hand how problems with just a single ingredient can stop the production of an entire product. Although the pandemic feels over — just go for a walk around Austin or Las Vegas — supply-chain issues have not gone away. In fact, fears of inflation are bringing about new worries and challenges.

In our product-development strategy for Yumwoof Natural Pet Food, we have been taking inflation and future supply-chain breakdowns very seriously. The more complex a product is to make, or the more ingredients it has, the more your brand opens itself up to additional production issues that can halt its sales.

Here are three important factors to keep in mind.

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