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3 Simple Ways to Save More Money Today Rudimentary strategies for re-thinking your finances and finding ways to save money.


By Grant Sabatier from

You can work smarter, not harder to save money. Even amid increasing uncertainty, taking control of your finances and finding ways to save money can be simple because there are so many new quality options, for less money.

To save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, all you have to do is a little bit of searching and thinking differently.

Here are three simple ways to immediately save more money.

1. Save on the 'Big 3'

You can the save the most money where you spend the most money. According to the federal reserve, Americans spend more than 70 percent of their income on three things: housing, transportation, and food.

If you can rent a multi-bedroom apartment and rent out the other rooms to offset or cover the cost of your rent, you could reduce your housing expense substantially and even potentially live for free.

Always buy a used car, and think about if you need a car at all. For example, you can likely get around in a city with public transit, even when buying groceries. With your food, buy in bulk to evaluate the cost per unit for each food item you eat, cook at home to meal prep for the week, and pack your lunch to prevent outside spending. When you do go out to eat, split entrees at restaurants.

2. Reduce recurring expenses

One of the biggest saving opportunities is on expenses you pay every month, like subscriptions, monthly memberships, insurance, and your cell phone bill. We all spend so much time on our phones that having a great plan and phone that keeps you connected is essential. But the reality is that most people overpay on their cell phone plans.

Many Americans spend hundreds of dollars per month on their cell phone plans. I used to be one of them. My wireless bill was $240 per month for my wife and I, but then I started looking into affordable phone plans with good reviews and service. While there are bunch of no-contract phone providers, one stood out: Total Wireless.

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When I did the calculation, I'm going to be able to save over $200 per month, or $2,400 per year. That's a no brainer for me and totally worth my time searching.

Total Wireless offers plans with unlimited* talk, text and data starting at just $25 with no contracts and no hidden fees, so you can stay connected at a price you can afford. Check it out.

To learn more about Total Wireless plans, visit or follow the brand @totalwireless for the latest updates.

3. Use the 10-day rule when shopping online to separate your 'needs' from your 'wants'

It's so easy to shop online that we often spend more money than we should. A simple rule I use is called the 10-day rule. Whenever I want to buy something online, I put it in my online cart and then wait 10 days to see if I still want to buy it. In most cases, I don't.

This helps me figure out the difference between my "needs" and "wants." I often think that I "need" something, but when I wait a bit, I realize it was just something that I "wanted." This has helped me save hundreds of dollars every month on everything from groceries to clothes.

*High speed data allotment varies by plan. See plan details for more information.