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BoxUp Brings Custom-Printed Boxes to the World this Holiday Season

During the holiday season, employee gifts are a great way to show appreciation for your staff and inject a little more joy into the holiday season; however, picking and purchasing a gift is no small task. Getting employees something luxurious helps show your appreciation--but your budget may not allow it. Gift cards let your employees pick out something they actually want, but done wrong they can be perceived as perfunctory and impersonal.

The best gifts usually come from an understanding of a person's personality, interests, and needs. If you have the time and bandwidth, you can individually pick out each employees' gift to reflect what you know about them--maybe the office chef gets a new kitchen gadget, the tech head gets a new gizmo, and the reader gets a stack of books.

To put things into perspective, last year the average consumer spent almost $800 during the winter holidays on gifts. For companies, presumably with larger budgets and employee bases, this number can skyrocket so finding the delicate balance of cost and uniqueness can be a challenges. Thankfully, there are some solutions, one of which is multifaceted.

Why Customization and Details Matter: Enter BoxUp

Customization and personalization can help convey that your company values each employee as an individual, not just a cog in the machine. Custom gifts can range from the practical to the delightfully silly. Typical gifts include company swag with initials or embroidery, such as clothing, water bottles, stationary pens and other more common items.

A more unique gift and one that has probably not received it fair share of attention is BoxUp, a premium custom-printed box solution that helps gift givers provide just as big of an experience opening a gift as the gift itself. These digitally printed full-color boxes come with no minimum order size, meaning you can get just one or enough for the whole office.

Launching in 2016, the company has scaled to thousands of customers after a successful seed round and public launch at the Etsy Up Conference in New York in 2016. Part of it's popularity is in the recent trend of unboxing and emphasis put on packaging, especially for e-commerce companies that need to gain a competitive edge on competitors. For consumers, the company offers the flexibility, customer service, and usability to become a household name. Here is why.

The production of each BoxUp box is considered short-run and can be expedited for rush deliveries or urgent needs. When shipped, BoxUp considers the obstacles a package must go through. This includes various mailer carriers, distribution centers, car and truck rides, cargo loads, and more. Due to this, each BoxUp box is crafted with 200# corrugate, providing a coating of armor that can withstand the shipping process, without the need of an outer box.

Arguably the coolest features include the ability to design and print inside of display mailers, adding even more attention to detail. If you are a creative, BoxUp provides a blank canvas you can work off of, with each additional color included at no extra cost. The unboxing process will never be the same, with each corner, edge, and surface being truly custom and part of the creative process of the gift-giver.

Gift-giving is supposed to be a fun act of appreciation, not a chore; while everyone is exited at what is coming inside of a box, the box itself can be an important part of the gift and experience. BoxUp tops the list as one of the more ingenious gift ideas for both the corporate and personal gift-giving world this holiday season.