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1997s Hottest Businesses <b></b>

By Heather Page

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The world seems to be spinning faster than ever. What's"in" this morning is "out" this afternoon. Insuch an accelerated environment, a business's ability to stayon top of trends is key. Knowing what's happening in yourindustry and what's likely to happen tomorrow, what consumerswant and what they need--these things make or break your business.To help you keep on top of the latest changes, we're offeringour selections for the top 11 businesses for 1997.

Some pretty large forces are at work in shaping these businessconcepts. The aging of the baby boomers (and their parents) isgiving rise to an interest in assisted living facilities for olderadults and physical therapy to keep people in peak condition.Ongoing corporate downsizing means specialized staffing servicesand professional employee organizations continue to thrive; newlyhot this year are business training companies that help peoplelearn new skills.

The Internet, of course, offers a world of opportunities, as docomputer training and consulting. And an increasing interest in"do-it-yourself" projects has spawned such successfulconcepts as brew-it-yourself custom breweries andpaint-your-own-pottery stores.

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