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5 Easy Start-Up Marketing Tactics Telling people about your company is a lot easier--and cheaper--than you think.

By Wendy Frick

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You've got your product ready to sell. Now you're justwaiting for customers to start knocking on your door. Problem is,you don't hear any knocking.

That's when you start to think: "I have a fabulous newproduct that no one should be without and, of course, it'spriced to fit any budget. So how come it seems like nobody wants tobuy it?"

Ask yourself this: Are you sure people know about your product?A crucial key to selling your goods and services is to make surepotential customers know what you have to offer. To do that, youneed to tell the world what you're selling. And since theaward-winning advertising agency down the street isn't exactlygiving away its services, you're going to have to do themarketing yourself.

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