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Small-Business Software Streamline your business tasks by using these bestselling programs.

By Julie B. Davis

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Streamline your business tasks by using these bestsellingprograms.

Once the domain of only large companies, software that takescare of business needs has become a mainstay for small businesses.Thanks to constantly updated and improved software packages,today's small-business owner can efficiently complete suchtasks as making computerized sales projections, running inventoryreports, creating mailing lists, and developing professionalnewsletters--all without leaving his office.

To choose the right software for your business, first determineexactly what you need your computer to do, both now and in thenot-too-distant future. Do you need a program that will help youkeep track of your current and prospective clients, generateinvoices, and create mailing labels, as well as provide a way totrack your financials? Is a standard word processing programsufficient? Or will you also need desktop publishingcapabilities?

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