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By Mark Henricks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Mike Brown knew his business but until he participated in astudy to identify entrepreneurial types, he didn't know himselfquite as well. Now the verdict is in: Brown, co-founder andpresident of New York City interactive content developer Cyber-NY,is an Idealist.

That means, Brown learned, that he loves his work and believeswhat he does is special but doesn't care for financial andadministrative details. The 34-year-old found the descriptionspookily accurate. "The results were very revealing," hesays. "It's like going to a fortuneteller who startstelling you stuff about yourself."

Brown's revelation flowed not from a fortuneteller, butrather from researchers hired by Pitney Bowes Inc. Pitney Bowes,the $4.2 billion global leader in mail management, commissionedYankelovich Partners to conduct a study of the small-businessmarket. "Eighty to 90 per-cent of our customers are smallbusinesses," explains Ed Gillespie, director of small-businessfinancial solutions for the Stamford, Connecticut, company."So understanding this segment is really important tous."

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