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Diary of a Startup: Part II Showing great resilience, our young entrepreneur doesn't let unexpected obstacles derail her business plans.

By Nichole L. Torres

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

When you last saw Karen Jashinsky (December 2005), she was knee-deep in herbusiness plan to start a gym/lounge/cafe for teenagers. However,shortly after we spoke in August 2005, she was in an accident--acar hit her as she was traveling on her bicycle. Thankfully,Jashinsky survived, but she suffered serious injuries. Shefractured her lower back, and broke her collarbone, right hand andleft pinky finger. Not paralyzed, but in a back brace and with verylimited mobility, this 28-year-old fitness expert was facing thebiggest challenge of her life-getting back on her feet.

As she recuperated at home, Jashinsky had to re-evaluate her oldbusiness plan and management structure if she still wanted to openher gym. "I'd laid out the entire game plan for the year,but because I couldn't drive and work, everythingchanged," she says. She originally planned to visit highschools to speak to PE and health classes about fitness, and togather market research during the tail end of 2005, but she had topostpone those plans until January.

At the time of the accident, she was seeking help for gettingthe business started, but now she needs it even more. "I[started] looking for interns or students who were interested inbeing a part of the concept and helping me develop theprogramming," she says. As she recovered, she interviewedprospects at her home.

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