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Extra Credit Earn while you learn--and leave college with a flourishing business.

By Eric Tiettmeyer

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Should you start a business in college? In the best-casescenario, you get a thriving small company and answer theinevitable question--What are you going to do with the rest of yourlife?--before you even graduate. On the flip side, you mayend your school years with a failed business, substantial debt andan embarrassing grade point average.

I started a free travel e-zine called Student WorldTraveler ( during my junior year at theUniversity of California, Irvine. It did take a lot of courage andlate-night coffee breaks, but the advantages a college campusaffords a start-up entrepreneur could save you thousands ofdollars.

*Technology. Virtually every college campus has computerlabs (many of them open 24 hours) and desktop publishing labscomplete with scanners and Zip drives. And you can get your owne-mail address, FTP converter and Web-page space--all for free.

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