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Furry Friends More companies are offering health insurance for pets.

By Jacquelyn Lynn

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As veterinary treatment becomes more sophisticated, the cost ofmedical care for pets is rising. Many people are purchasing petinsurance, and a growing number of companies are including it intheir voluntary insurance offerings to employees.

Pet insurance covers the cost of animal care in much the sameway that a major medical policy covers people's health-carecosts. Bill Gorman, group sales manager for Veterinary PetInsurance Co. in Brea, California, says VPI's basic policyhas a $50 deductible, then pays 90 percent up to a specificschedule.

Gorman says an increasing number of pet owners are looking totheir employers to provide this as a benefit available with a groupdiscount, even though they pay the entire cost themselves. "Inthe surveys we've done, pet insurance was the third mostrequested product by employees," Gorman says.

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