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Golden State On your side, state your case, on guard.

By David Doran

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From almonds to zebra-print sofas--you name it, someone inCalifornia grows or manufactures it. Ed Kurtz, 46, had been sellingCalifornia agricultural products to distributors for many yearswhen he heard about a store called "Made in Oregon." Thatsparked the idea for a California-only store, and Kurtz used hiscontacts to open CaliforniaMarketplace in Agoura Hills, where heonce served as mayor.

All items sold in the store are grown or made in California.Wares include everything from vinegar produced in Napa Valley toT-shirts designed by a renowned Los Angeles artist.

The store has become popular with locals and tourists alike."Many people who live here are transplanted from other states,so they have friends, relatives and business associates all overthe country. They're ecstatic to be able to send them somethingfrom California," says Kurtz.

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