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Lori Tabak doesn't have to imagine the home office of herdreams--she's living in it. "It really looks like a fairytale," says the 44-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur of thefour-story Marina del Rey, California, house she moved into lastApril. "People go crazy [for it]. They walk in and go `Oh myGod, you have your own day spa.' "

What's so special about Tabak's digs? Well, there'sthe spaciousness factor--the entire bottom floor (approximately 750square feet) is devoted to Tabak's eponymous business. Notespecially impressed with extra breathing room? OK, behold insteadthe marble entryway, spiral staircase, crystal chandeliers andartist-painted murals adorning the walls. "You feel likeyou're in Italy," says Tabak of the latter. "Theartwork--[depicting] scenery, trees and water--isbeautiful."

And beautiful, fittingly enough, is what Tabak hopes to make herclients feel through her anti-aging treatments. Having run hercosmetics company for more than a decade, Tabak offers facialtoning, oxygen therapy, mineral-based makeup and the like. It'sa pampering experience--all the more so now that Tabak has theluxurious surroundings to soak it up in.

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