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Help My Failing Business! If your business is nearing extinction, these techniques can prevent it from becoming a thing of the past.

Q: My business ison the brink of failure, and I don't know what to do about it.Any suggestions?

A: Most successfulentrepreneurs will tell you that they have had one or morebusinesses fail before their current one succeeded. However, it canstill be a very disheartening ordeal to go through when yourbusiness is not living up to your expectations. There are a numberof turnaround consultants whose job it is to help keep yourbusiness afloat, but they typically charge large fees and requirepayment upfront. Here are some simple ways to begin looking at yourbusiness in a new light.

First of all, remove yourself from the equation, and look atyour business objectively, as a case study. The joy of creating andgrowing a business is unlike any other. When your business is doingwell, the feeling is exhilarating. On the other hand, if yourbusiness is failing, the feeling can be devastating. You feel likea failure yourself. This is not healthy for you or conducive toimproving your business. Therefore, you must view your business asan independent entity, where its health is dependent on inputs andoutputs.

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