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High Steaks Win the a steak franchise.

By Jessica Goins

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Some people might think Bob Dille is lucky. TheAshtabula, Ohio, entrepreneur won the lottery and openedeight Steak Escape franchises--all before his 26th birthday.

After winning $10,000 in Ohio's lottery in 1991, Dillebought his first Steak Escape franchise with partners MarkAstorino, 32, and his sister, Tina Dille-Cameron, 31. All luck?Hardly: Planning and dedication have also helped Dille, who'sopened a store each year since 1992 and three stores last year.Sales for 1997 reached $3.5 million; Dille expects $4.5 million insales this year.

The partners plan to open another store in Erie, Pennsylvania,and Dille would like to open a sit-down restaurant someday. But fornow, he'll continue running Steak Escapes--and playing thelottery.

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