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Humor Sells Why making people laugh can help you bring in the business

By Paul Seaburn

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

( - There's a saying in theadvertising world: "Humor sells." That's why mostcommercials are funny and why many companies and products havefunny-sounding names. You should be thinking of ways to use humorin your business, too. Here's why.

  • Humor helps customers remember you. Your friends mayknow that your yard cleanup business is "Bobby's YardCare," but a customer who can't recall your name can lookat his yard full of leaves and easily remember it if it'scalled "Leaf It to Me."
  • Laughter makes people feel good. When customers laughbecause of your funny company name or the silly picture on thepackage, they associate that good feeling with doing business withyou.
  • A sense of humor is an admirable quality. We like peoplewho can take their business seriously while taking themselveslightly.

OK, you're convinced that humor sells. How can you use it inyour business? Here are four easy ways:

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