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In Other Words Using metaphors can change the way you--and your customers--perceive your business.

By Mark Henricks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Donel Young and Jeff Caponigro are entrepreneurs in the sameindustry, in similar-sized companies. But to Young, a partner intwo-person New York City communications firm Hansen & Young, aday at the office is a spin on the dance floor. For Caponigro, CEOand president of 10-person Caponigro Public Relations Inc. inSouthfield, Michigan, it's a football game to be won.

"For us, a dance is how we think about business," saysYoung. "It's a dance between the client and the media,trying to figure out what we can offer the media so they will callour client back."

"We're in a competition," counters Caponigro."We've got opponents. We keep score with our finances. Ilook at myself as the head coach of a football team."

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