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Is That All There Is? When you're making money, but you're still not happy

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The American "can do" spirit has many entrepreneursthinking the sky's the limit. Trouble is, if the sky's thelimit, you'll always feel earthbound.

Knowing when to pronounce yourself successful can be a matter oflife and death. Although there are a lot of happy millionaires,there are also a lot of compulsively ambitious souls who are neversatisfied, no matter how many houses, cars and boats they have.Someone makes a million with a brilliant investment, and thenimmediately sets out to make two. Once that person has two, theadrenaline rush is too great to resist, and he or she lays plans toget into the $5 million club, and on it goes. If that's whatyou think life is all about, read no further.

I had a good buddy who for years got along beautifully byteaching sailing part time, waiting tables and brokering theoccasional sale of a boat. He lived simply, enjoyed his friendshipswith people from many walks of life, and never overvalued materialpossessions or status symbols. His go-with-the-flow demeanor lit uprooms. And although his pretax income was never more than $36,000,he was a happy camper.

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