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Make The Best Of It Optimizer (noun): an entrepreneur who knows how to take care of No. 1

By Mark Henricks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Some people are in it for the money; some for the power; othersfor the prestige. Cheryl Leonhardt is in it for the golf.

"I'm the best boss I ever had because on the days I geta chance to play golf, I always say to myself, 'Yes, you shouldgo out and play golf,' " says Leonhardt, 45, whoseone-person Sudbury, Massachusetts, consulting firm, C.A. Leonhardt& Associates, dispenses golfing advice for businesspeople.

Leonhardt is, in fact, a special type of entrepreneur, dubbedthe Optimizer in a study performed for Pitney Bowes Inc. byYankelovich Partners identifying five distinct types of businessowner. (For the first part of this series, see March's"Pulse." You can find it online at TheOptimizer is a confident and savvy businessperson motivated more bypersonal rewards than by building an empire.

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