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Mans Best Friends John Mullins' poochies prove that coffee and canines can make a profitable mix.

By Carla Goodman

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

John Mullins knows that a dog is a man's best friend, exceptwhen Spot refuses to stand still for his bath. That's whentempers soar and soap suds fly, as the shaggy, four-legged pupshakes excess water all over his owner. To put an end to this messyand often frustrating ritual, Mullins offers a combinationself-service pet wash and espresso bar called Poochies in SanDiego.

Pet owners pay $7 to be outfitted with waist-high tubs full oftemperature-controlled water, massaging mitts, grooming shampoo,fresh towels and rubber aprons to keep dry. Attendants areavailable to offer washing tips and clean up after the bath iscompleted.

"With their owners, dogs feel more secure and are muchcalmer when they're bathed. Some dogs even take their bathslying down," says Mullins, a former veterinary technician, whoopened Poochies in 1993. Owners feel calmer, too. As their pets dryin the automated dog dryer, they can relax at the espresso bar orgo next door to Poochies' pet-supply shop, where they can buyshampoo, creme rinses, colognes and other pet products.

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