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Match Game How to get customers seeing double.

By Debra Phillips

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As popular myth would have it, everyone in the world has a twin.As Valerie D'Ambrosio would have it, that twin resides inNantucket, Massachusetts. This isn't a case of long-lostsiblings reuniting, however: D'Ambrosio's twins are part ofa clever promotion for her gifts, glassware and fine jewelrystore.

D'Ambrosio's Find Your Twin And Win contest takes placeevery December during the popular Nantucket Stroll weekend.Visitors to the six-block downtown area of this island resortcommunity are each given a numbered tag in either red or green.Their assignment? To find the wearer of that same number--in theother color. Once "twins" are matched up, they proceed toD'Ambrosio's The Cutting Edge to enter a grand-prizedrawing.

All this name-dropping, according to D'Ambrosio, 38, boostsher business' sales by 50 percent. Increased sales, however,aren't the only offspring of her innovation: Believe it or not,marital engagements have occurred as well. Guess this makesD'Ambrosio a matchmaker in more ways than one.

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