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Letters. I bet we'll get letters about this month's leadfeature, "Get in the Ring". Granted, our call to crushyour competition could be construed as a bit too harsh for some,but before you judge us, consider the adage, "When the goinggets tough, the tough get going."

So, in these uncertain economic times, it's time to gettough and get going. But before you get up from your desk andscream at your employees, "Things are going to change aroundhere!" remember that tough is not mean. Contrary to what somepeople think, running a business does not give you the license tobe nasty. I've heard too many use "it's business"as an excuse for behavior that borders on the unethical andunacceptable. Just because it's business doesn't give youthe right to be a son of a bitch.

And that's not what contributing writer Geoff Williams issuggesting in the article. Instead, you need to re-examine what youdo and how you do it and compare that to your competition'spractices. Figure out what they do better than you and why. Andthen adjust accordingly. And immediately.

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