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It was bound to happen--and it has. After President Clintonannounced his hearing loss, it triggered a wave of interest in howAmericans--particularly graying baby boomers--are adapting to theirinability to hear as well as they once did.

Indeed, given that the boomers were the first generation raisedon raucous rock 'n' roll--not to mention their sheer sizeas a generation--Clinton's peers are poised to drum upsignificant sales for the hearing-aid industry. "We'veseen tremendous growth in hearing-aid sales since the presidentacquired his hearing aids," says Carole Rogin, president ofthe Hearing Industries Association in Alexandria, Virginia.

The good news for the more than 25 million afflicted Americansis that today's hearing aids are technologically andcosmetically superior to the veritable clunkers of old. All thebetter to listen to that raucous rock 'n' roll, wesuppose.

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