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Tales From the Dotcom Darkside Harvard's Class of 2000 had the world in its hands.for a while. But what was it like to <I>work</I> at a dotcom--not start one--during the Net's heyday? HBS grads dish the dirt.

By Jason Probst

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Coveted by Fortune 500 behemoths and courted literally fromtheir first steps on campus, the graduates of the Harvard BusinessSchool have historically enjoyed the dizzying spoils that come fromearning a spot in the nation's most prestigious MBA program.Matriculation at HBS has historically been the gateway tohigh-profile positions in investment banking and consulting.

It's a de facto farm system for producing talent that topfirms court the way a professional sports team trades up in thedraft order to grab an all-American. Contact between those in theprogram and potential employers and recruiters is closelyregulated, and the Fortune 500 have traditionally enjoyed theadvantage of name recognition and deep pockets in landing HBSgraduates upon graduation.

What does it take to succeed as anentrepreneur? For many, it takes a healthy doseof courage.

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