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The Bar Exam Energy bars take a bite out of the snack biz.

By Debra Phillips

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Pity the much-derided snack. It's a guilty pleasure.It's a caloric nightmare. It's definitely, positively notgood for you.

Or is it? Even as greasy potato chips and yummy cookies continueto line supermarket shelves, there's a movement underway tosell consumers on the concept of healthy snacking--via energy bars."Manufacturers are marketing to a broader range ofconsumers," says Laurie Isenberg of Spence InformationServices, a San Francisco marketing information company that tracksthe natural-foods industry. "These bars are no longer just forathletes."

Busy, health-conscious people treat energy bars as nutritiousmeal replacements. And for those hoping to pump up their graymatter, there are such alleged brain-boosting bars as Think! andIntellect.

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