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The Wonder Years Are your kids starting to ask questions about where businesses come from? Remember, it's never too early to teach young people the value of entrepreneurship.

By Julie Bick

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

At age 6, Rachel Shein went door-to-door selling her little sister's birthday party balloons-until her parents caught her. By the end of elementary school, she was hawking brownies at the local ball games because she figured they were higher margin than lemonade. That same year, she was keeping the sales and expense ledgers for her mom's needlepoint store and her dad's real estate office.

Today, Shein and her husband, Steve Pilarski (also the child of entrepreneurs), own a multimillion-dollar bakery business in San Marcos, California, supplying pastries to coffee shops from Los Angeles to the Mexican border. They love the excitement, the creativity and the challenge of running the company, and they want to pass on that entrepreneurial spirit to their three children.

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