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CBDfx: An Industry Leader For A Reason

Courtesy of CBDfx

As CBD officially enters the mainstream on the heels of hemp's full federal legal status (thanks to the newly-signed 2018 Farm Bill), hundreds of thousands of new people will hear about cannabidiol soon… and they'll want to try it for themselves. When they seek it out, they'll discover a dizzying array of CBD companies hoping to cash in on white-hot consumer interest, with little regard for quality control or purity. So the question becomes, where can a new -- or experienced -- CBD user go to find a trustworthy, premium CBD experience?

CBDfx has answered that call and stepped up to the plate to emerge as a reputable industry leader, even in years past when regulations didn't require them to go the extra mile. Their flagship CBD Oil Collection have consistently been some of the best-reviewed products in their class, thanks to all-organic farming, meticulous laboratory standards, and total ingredient transparency -- they even post the raw batch reports direct from the lab on their website.

Building on the popularity of their CBD Oil Collection, CBDfx began to branch out and establish themselves as one of the most innovative CBD companies out there in terms of new product development. Their inventive new CBD For Pets line is even formulated in three different dosage strengths depending on animal breed/weight. That's the kind of extra attention to detail and respect for consumers (and their furry pals) that has resulted in significant repeat business and brand loyalty.

Another major innovation that CBDfx played a part in spearheading is the introduction of CBD + Terpene products. CBDfx keeps a close eye on published and in-progress research surrounding CBD, and they recently debuted a creative new line including terpenes as a direct result of that industry awareness. Terpenes, if you're not familiar, are the element in plants that give them their scent; but recent studies have hypothesized that they may play an important role in essentially signal boosting CBD's influence on the body. Researchers are calling that the "entourage effect," and it has exciting implications for the future of CBD-based treatments.

Ultimately, CBDfx and their staff believe wholeheartedly in CBD's potential as a quality-of-life aid and future medicinal applications. They understand that many of their customers choose to take CBD in an effort to self-treat a wide range of conditions, and the company believes that the customer has a right to know exactly what they're putting in their body.

Consumers, lawmakers, and researchers agree: the future of CBD is a bright one -- and with their ethical practices and creative product development, CBDfx is leading the charge.