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ChatGPT For Business: Your Cheat Code For Growth If you haven't refined and optimized your business since the pandemic, ChatGPT just threw you the biggest lifesaver.

Courtesy of Midjourney

Too many small and medium-sized businesses are missing the opportunity to use AI to support their marketing, sales, customer service, and business admin — especially since 91.1% of AI users said AI helps their workflow.

But while countless articles address the power of ChatGPT to help, it's not always clear exactly how.

AIPRM helps you navigate this new AI territory. It's a free extension for your Chrome browser that integrates directly into ChatGPT and comes loaded with thousands of pre-made prompts to choose from. You can craft a compelling social media post, write an engaging article, respond to customer inquiries, and so much more in a matter of seconds.

Let's review some of the popular prompts that can help you reclaim your time.

Prompt #1: Buyer Personas and Target Audience Prompt

A Customer Buyer Persona for a business that sells Hot Dogs in Chicago

Prompt name: Buyer Personas & Target Audience PRO

Marketing 101: Who are your buyers? This prompt asks for your business and where you're located. It creates a series of tables loaded with information about the details that shape your ideal customer:

  • Customer Profile and Characteristics
  • Audience Descriptions
  • Marketing Channels

With this information, you can strategize the messaging to develop for your target audiences and research where they typically consume information online. These are two major tenets of developing a marketing plan.

Prompt #2: Social Media Content Calendar

A Social Media Calendar of 40 Facebook Posts for a Local Dentist

Prompt name: Social Media Content Calendar (40 Posts)

Share your business name, preferred social media platforms, featured product/service, and industry. You get 40 crafted social media posts customized to your business. Bonus: Choose whether they include emojis or not (for the brand that has a strong emoji presence).

Don't stress about social media content ideas anymore! Now you can schedule your social posts faster than you can think of them.

Prompt #3: Professionalize Your Emails

A real estate agent's poorly written email for a prospect, improved by ChatGPT.

Prompt name: Best email corrector for professionals

Are you tired of re-reading your emails what feels like hundreds of times and still sending them with mistakes and errors? Impress your customers and prospects with professional and error-free communication. Simply copy and paste your email draft and this prompt will have ChatGPT make sure you get a professional email that communicates clearly and effectively.

Whether it's a sales pitch or customer service email, click "send" more confidently with this editing prompt.

Prompt #4: Professional Newsletter Generator

An email newsletter about taxes for a fictional accounting firm.

Prompt name: Professional Newsletter Generator

Marketing emails are an effective way to engage your customers or prospects and keep your brand top of mind. But putting a weekly or even monthly newsletter together can take a decent bit of time.

Use this prompt to generate a newsletter that will capture your audience's attention and bolster your marketing efforts. From compelling headlines to full newsletter content production, this prompt can help you stand up a newsletter in no time.

AIPRM: The Unfair Cheat Code for Your Business

Your employees are probably using AI-generated content already. AIPRM can improve the productivity of every SMB owner and marketer while protecting your brand authority. By simplifying the use of AI-powered content creation, you can complete tasks faster, generate more consistent ChatGPT results, and enjoy the convenience of ready-to-use prompts tailored to your brand's voice.

Try AIPRM today and see how it makes your life easier.