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Crypto Enthusiasts Gain Strength in Numbers on Taklimakan Network

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The cryptocurrency market turns on a dime, with new assets being added by ambitious startups and high volatility causing currencies like Ethereum to spike or plunge by up to 30% in mere hours. Few regulations plus sentiment as a driver of price characterizes the young market as a Wild West of finance, with competing interests and new dynamics stirring frequent uncertainty. With markets being pushed by emotion and faith, and only the smallest connection to tangible utility, there are hundreds of communities on the internet that seek to pick apart competitors and promote the coins they're invested in, regardless of the facts.

Talking heads, finance pundits, Telegram groups, Reddit forums and even the Wall Street Journal are in on the cryptocurrency game, but none of them realize that their misalignment is a primary factor in this volatility. For a technology that promotes cohesion and collective thinking, blockchain's cryptocurrency community is ironically divisive. As markets mature, certain aspects should become undisputable and universally agreed upon, but in cryptocurrency, components work independently of one another. This widespread lack of expertise is a problem that keeps the market in its infancy, but clever blockchain innovators like Taklimakan Network are looking to use blockchain to help the market grow up by bridging gaps and bringing everyone together.

Social Money Network

Due to its nebulous source of underlying value, cryptocurrency is a strangely social asset. Its market is highly sensitive to news about impending regulations, issues with smart contracts, and hacks—but also positive stories like new corporate partnerships or retailers accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. Regardless of what's in the headlines on any given day, it's more important to pay attention to the community that reacts to it.

The cryptocurrency enthusiast base, made up of traders, investors, analysts, and fans both individual and institutional, are separated by digital walls due to their preferred source of online news. This is curious, given that blockchain itself is an inclusive technology meant to bring disparate entities together under the same banner. Instead, there's r cryptomarkets on Reddit, countless Telegram groups, analysis from sites like ZeroHedge, comments sections on Forbes and Huffington Post, and everything in-between.

All the same ideas are being discussed in numerous places, which makes sticking to a single message incredibly difficult. Technical analysis fans, for example, have a dizzying array of places and people to follow for input, few of which can prove their reliability or experience in any way. One of the biggest pain points is an uneven standard in education, not just about technical analysis but also about whom to listen to, what to look for, and where to trade. This uncertainty is an enormous driver of volatility, and one that can be solved by helping the blockchain community to fall more into line with its own collective values.

Restoring Order

With a unified base of knowledge and a concentrated hub of information both technical and fundamental, Taklimakan Network has an ambition to bring the cryptocurrency markets together. To help forge the connection between collective wisdom and trading momentum, the network is equal parts communication and trading platform. Tools like instant messaging, private payments, analyst reviews and ratings, and subscription functionality are complemented by user investment pools and crowd prediction functionality. It will be the most influential epicenter of cryptocurrency knowledge and trading power in the industry.

Alongside a comprehensive library of educational materials, news, training guides, and analyst ratings system, Taklimakan Network reinforces its trading functionality with the best tools and indicators available. The key to making it all work is to incentivize the influencers as much as those who stand to gain from their expertise, so those who gain a large following and are known for making accurate calls will be rewarded with TKLN in proportion to their subscriber numbers. Part of the high volatility and "maximum pain' in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a lack of expertise and competing analytics, but Taklimakan brings experts, market-makers, and retail investors under the same roof, thus allowing competing viewpoints to find a winner whilst keeping everyone on the same page.

The Network of Networks

In pursuit of their goal, the Taklimakan Network presale was designed to fund the massive ongoing development costs inherent in a project with so many moving parts. However, the market recognized the true need for a "central community authority' like Taklimakan, and jumped at the chance to get TKLN tokens at a discount. After raising $3.3 million during the pre-sale, Taklimakan has set itself up for a first round ICO where it can demonstrate how the final iteration will appear.

The ICO officially begins on April 9, 2018. This is where the bulk of tokens will be sold, so those prospective investors who desire a stake in the "network of networks' should set aside their funds now. TKLN is exchangeable for 10 different cryptocurrencies out of the gate, including the main ones like bitcoin and Ether, but also those such as NEM, ZEC, and DASH. An early effort for inclusivity is a good sign for a solution that intends to be the axle of the market's multi-spoked wheel.

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