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Digital Declutter: The Simple Way to Organize Your Online Documents Save time with this one-stop-shop for digital document creation and organization.


On a regular basis, entrepreneurs and small business owners handle contracts, invoices, spreadsheets, applications, financial documents, service agreements, and more. And when you add in personal or family documents, especially when you're a parent, these digital files double.

Decluttering your digital space, just as you would with physical clutter, can help you stay productive and prepare for important milestones, like tax season. When all your important documents are in the right format and saved to the cloud, you can access them quickly from anywhere. You can easily organize your documents with Adobe Acrobat online services, whether with a paid subscription, a free seven-day Acrobat Pro trial, or by trying out online tools.

Digital decluttering also saves you money on storage and printing costs, plus you'll be able to collaborate with less effort. And Acrobat online services are a one-stop shop for these PDF tools, so you won't need to hop around to different websites and applications.

Bring It All Together
The old axiom "time is money" is especially true for small business owners. Disorganization and digital clutter can get in the way of your productivity. At the end of the day, each minute spent looking for the right document can cost you.

When you convert important documents to PDF with Acrobat, they'll automatically be stored in Adobe's cloud storage. This means you can access them anywhere from a browser or mobile device. You can also use the search function to find the right digital file. And Acrobat online services make it painless to merge multiple PDFs into one.

For example, gather all your digital receipts for business expenses from the year and combine them into one easy-to-share document for doing your taxes. Merging similar files together cuts down on the number of documents you need to manage for the year. You can reorder pages, delete pages, insert pages, and more. And you can delete old emails containing receipts once you save them as PDFs, which helps declutter your email account.

When it comes to sending files to others, quickly share from Acrobat with the click of a button. Your recipient can view your shared PDF from any device and leave comments for you, even if they don't have an Acrobat account.

Make Your Files User Friendly
You may be wary of storing your documents as PDFs because of your recipients' inability to edit them. However, Acrobat makes it fast to convert PDFs to other formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel. So your team can edit them however they like. Go from PDF to Word doc in a few clicks and vice versa — without losing formatting.

Easily Share and Store
This work-from-home revolution has led to even more digital collaboration. But it can be difficult to download and share PDFs when your files are large. While a link to a document stored in Acrobat can solve that, some partners want to receive files in their email inbox.

Long documents with many images don't always fit as email attachments, and they can take up a lot of storage space on your digital device or may download too slowly — especially when the internet connection is weak.

Solve this problem by compressing your PDFs. Simply drag and drop or upload a PDF document to Acrobat in your browser to reduce the file size. All images, fonts, and other file content will be preserved after conversion.

Compile Images for the Cloud
Digital organization doesn't need to stop at text documents. You might be sharing images like flyers, calendars, or photos with your team — or even with your family and friends.

Sharing several images can be a clunky process when you don't want to share on public platforms like social media accounts. Streamline by converting images like JPGs into PDFs. You can then use the Merge PDF tool to combine related images into one organized PDF file that retains the quality of your images.

Take it a step further and compress that file. Whether it's an annual report, marketing plan, lookbook of new product designs, or a string of family photos — your recipients will be able to download the compressed file quickly at any connection speed.

Do It All with One App
With Acrobat online services, all the PDF storage and editing tools you need to clean up your digital life are right at your fingertips. There's no need to jump from app to app or use Google to find the right tool to try. When you work in a clutter-free digital world, you'll spend less time lost in the weeds and more time on making this year a productive one.