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Drive Loyalty with Your Online Presence in This Free Webinar on June 11

Your online presence can be the key to making it easier for customers to do business with you. Giving prospects the tools and solutions they need can turn them into loyal evangelists, supporting your brand throughout their own networks. From web-based customer portals that streamline the process of one-on-one consultations and offer easy-to-use scheduling tools, to using the cloud to simplify customer access to key information, you can tap into a diverse array of digital techniques that bolster customer retention.

Join Comcast on Wednesday, June 11th at 12 p.m. ET for Leveraging Your Online Presence to Drive Loyalty, a special webinar powered by Entrepreneur. Learn how entrepreneurs have addressed the challenges of meeting customer needs through a range of online solutions, share your own experiences, and ask the experts questions about how you can maximize your online presence.


  • Jennifer Shaheen, Founder of the Technology Therapy Group


  • Linda Farquhar, Founder of entreDonovan

  • Dr. Michelle Durkee, Veterinarian/Owner of West Plam Animal Clinic

  • Mark Bisaillon, Owner of Cairnedge Consulting

  • Kathy Hickey, Executive Director, Marketing, at Comcast Business

Click here to watch the full recording of this event.

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