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Bird Watch Re-ruffling Woody Woodpecker's feathers.

By Debra Phillips

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Ha-ha-ha-HA-ha! With this mischievous laugh, Woody Woodpeckerfirst worked his way into the hearts of cartoon lovers everywheremore than 50 years ago. Don't expect to spot any gray in WoodyWoodpecker's feathers, however: Thanks to a new fall TV series,this most beloved (and troublemaking) of birds is getting amuch-publicized makeover.

Airing on the Fox Kids Network, "The Woody WoodpeckerShow" reunites its title character with favorite friends likeChilly Willy, Buzz Buzzard and Wally Walrus. Although wehaven't seen pictures of the supporting cast, Woody himselflooks a little bit leaner and a little bit slicker.

Not that looks are the only thing that make the bird. Rumor hasit, today's Woody is something of a kinder, gentler Woody. Heisn't going cold turkey on the troublemaking, however--abird's gotta have some fun, after all.

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