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False Moves Beware of the 10 most common investing mistakes.

By Lorayne C. Fiorillo

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Admit it . . . you're not perfect.Still, it would be nice to learn from someone else's mistakesfor a change, or at least avoid making the same mistakes twice.With that in mind, here are 10 of the most common mistakes made byastute (and some not-so-astute) investors. Feel free to tally uphow many you've made. If you tick off fewer than two, consideryourself a pro; three to five, you're an expert; six to eight,you need some help; more than eight, don't just sitthere . . . rethink your actions! Read on tosee how you fare.

1. Love me, love my stock. Everyone's heard theone about the stock inherited from grandma that began as a fewmeasly shares and, through dividend reinvestment (and divineneglect), is now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The stockshares are like the Energizer bunny . . . theyjust keep going and going, and presumably they always will. Or willthey?

Whether you're holding shares of a tobacco company, asoft-drink purveyor or a software developer, perhaps you shouldconsider selling off a few of those wonderful shares anddiversifying your portfolio a bit. (Before you do, however, be sureto check with your tax advisor.)

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