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Master Of Your Domain These mutual fund rating services can help you take control of your financial future.

By Lorayne C. Fiorillo

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No matter what kind of survey it is, there's nothing likebeing number one. Sadly, most mutual fund managers and their fundscan't claim the top position that "Seinfeld" did forthe past several TV seasons. And, fortunately for investors, fundmanagers don't generally command the fees that Jerry, Elaine,George and Kramer did. It's easy to rate a TV show as not veryimportant (except to the sponsors), but when it comes to ratingmutual funds, that's no laughing matter.

So what's the deal with all these fund ratings? I mean, itseems as if everybody is getting into the act. You expect it frompublications like Business Week, Forbes,Barron's,Money, and The Wall StreetJournal. But when you see a list in Golf Digest, you mayfind yourself chanting, "Serenity now!" as you pore overthe lists. Which list is best? Which company provides the bestservice? You don't have to wait for Festivus to find out.

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