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Bon Voyage! Sending employees <i>over there</i> starts with a little work <i>right here</i>.

By Jacquelyn Lynn

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Do your plans for international expansion include opening anoverseas office? Your chances of success and profits are greater ifyou develop a comprehensive expatriate program before you transferemployees to a foreign country. Sending someone overseas to live,even temporarily, is far more complex than sending someone on ashort-term business trip. Denise Oemig, director of internationalcompensation and assignment services with Runz-heimerInternational, offers this advice:

Decide in advance whether the position you're creatingwill always be filled by someone from the United States or if theperson you're sending overseas will identify, hire and trainlocal personnel to staff the fa-cility.

Get country-specific tax advice before you spend any money.Companies usually pay for things like household goods, overseasschooling for employees' children and the like. "Taxramifications surround every part of the assignment," Oemigsays. She suggests entrepreneurs consult an ac-counting firm thatspecializes in international tax issues.

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