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Make Up Your Mind Ann Graham Ehringer's Make Up Your Mind: Entrepreneurs Talk About Decision Making

By Debra Phillips

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The buck stops with you. As an entrepreneur, you'reundoubtedly called on to make decision after decision. But-andlet's be honest here-have you ever taken the time to analyzeyour decision-making process?

Probably not. Which is where Ann Graham Ehringer's Make UpYour Mind: Entrepreneurs Talk About Decision Making (MerrittPublishing, $19.95 paper) comes in.

As you can surmise from its subtitle, Make Up Your Mind takesthe words out of small-business owners' mouths-and analyzesthem in their proper context. Don't get the wrong idea,however: Despite the extensive research she obviously conducted,Ehringer doesn't get in the way of letting entrepreneurs telltheir own stories.

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