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Exclusive interview with Ubex founder and CEO, Artem Chestnov

Courtesy of Stankevicius MGM

Recently we discovered a very exciting company which is building an AI platform on the blockchain. This phenomenal is indeed rare when AI connects to blockchain. Also it is extremely difficult from the development perspective to actually build it but not for Ubex. Ubex is a blockchain company building an advertising platform with artificial intelligence. We have interviewed Ubex Founder and CEO, Artem Chestnov, to find out more about their business. Ubex will be doing a token sale in late spring.

1. You are building an AI platform based on the blockchain. That is absolutely amazing. How did you come up to connect the two most difficult technologies together, AI+Blockchain?

The merger of the two technologies on blockchain is a natural solution as it is the only one that allows processing the vast amounts of data involved and ensuring maximum efficiency when it comes to an industry as complex and information-intensive as advertising. AI and neural networks complement each other by providing analysis and solutions that humans are unable to deliver at such high levels of efficiency. Blockchain serves as the basis that ensures transparency and speed of operation.

2. How are you planning to keep investors happy until Ubex gets listed after the token sale?

We are avoiding large bonuses and are offering only limited ones. Our most exceptional value will reside in the demand that our tokens will wield as the platform develops and thanks to the unique Buyback option we are implementing. The investors will be kept appraised of all our development progress and will be sure that continuous advancement is our primary goal.

3. You are a direct competitor against AdEx. How are you different from AdEx which is also developing blockchain marketing solutions?

There is no competition in this regard as marketing and advertising are two different industries. Only we combine the possibility of paying for results with targeting based on the analysis of data by neural networks. None of our competitors have such a comprehensive solution. All of them solve one small problem for modern advertising, we have created a qualitatively new system that includes all cutting-edge developments available now. We have created a new generation ecosystem.

4. Where do you see Ubex in 2020? What significant results can investors and users already see by that time? Anything considerable happening in 2019?

By 2019 we will be releasing the Beta version of our platform along with the initial smart contracts and operational versions of our applications. I will not speculate, but by 2020, we, realistically, see Ubex as a very demanded product on the market with a working product even before that date, and that is what all investors want - working products.

5. Last question but not least, out of curiosity, considering that crypto market has lately been extremely regulated and a lot of bans are happening, have you considered to remove the crypto feature from your business model and just go simply with AI? Do you really believe in the crypto market, or are you using crypto just as a way to raise capital?

Our payment tokens are a necessity as returning to fiat options in this regard is degradation akin to abandoning vehicles in favor of horses. The tokens are a convenient means of conducting transparent transactions that are also near instantaneous. No fiat options can match that. As for my belief in the crypto market, I think it is unfair to say that we are just raising capital, as we are developing a necessary product which is demanded on the market. Our operations are completely legal and transparent with no hint of speculation. The market will evolve and grow, and we want to contribute to this growth by developing our product.