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No Sub-Stitute Any way you slice it, Subway comes out on top.

By Heather Page

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Fred Deluca has been experiencing a bit of déjàvu lately. When the number of Subway stores operating overseasreached 270 a few months ago, a funny feeling came over the48-year-old sandwich king: He realized Subway's internationalsize is just about the same size Subway was in the United Statesroughly 15 years ago-when it began taking the country by storm.

"Our developments internationally are looking very muchlike what we've done in the United States," says DeLucaexcitedly, "only now I have a very interesting perspective onit all."

Interesting, indeed. If all goes as planned, DeLuca anticipatesduplicating the same phenomenal success Subway has enjoyed in theUnited States and Canada in countries throughout the world. Andhe's well on his way: Subway's zesty salads and sandwichescan now be found in some 27 countries across the globe, with 100new stores opening internationally last year.

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