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How Thermador Continues to Innovate the Way We Cook A look at today's induction cooking movement.


From introducing the first built-in wall ovens to bringing "Pro" Ranges into the home in the 1940s and 1950s, Thermador has earned its reputation for innovating the way we cook. Nowhere is that more evident than in their industry-leading collection of induction cooking products. We turned to Thermador Senior Product Manager Mina Lee to share more about this growing segment in the cooking world.

Thermador is the first name in induction technology, and that success is further proof of the brand's commitment to exceptional cooking experiences. Can you elaborate on that for us?

Innovation has always been in our DNA and always will be. Thermador was founded over 100 years ago with a passion to create products that define the home and make cooking more enjoyable. That dedication is clear in everything we offer today—especially our groundbreaking Induction Innovation Collection. Our passion is to deliver breakthrough products to our tech-savvy clients. With induction, we can provide even more ways to elevate their culinary craft.

What do you think puts Thermador induction in the leadership category?

We set out to make the best ranges in the industry—worthy of the Thermador name. We pushed boundaries to make it possible. And because consumers have diverse needs, our Collection offers a breadth of options from our Freedom®, Liberty®, and Heritage cooktops to the exciting new induction ranges we launched this summer.

For anyone not familiar with induction, what are the main benefits?

There's so much to love about induction. For starters, it's powerfully precise. You have pinpoint temperature control with fewer cold spots, which can mean fast and even cooking—and faster boiling. Less heat is lost in the cooking process, making induction more energy efficient, and with its sleek, smooth surface, cleanup is easy. Induction has been a popular choice in the restaurant industry for many years, and is now being embraced in the home. Thermador is helping drive that by designing with the needs of our consumer at the forefront, while delivering the competitive edge we're known for.

What are some other induction features unique to Thermador?

There are quite a few induction innovations that only Thermador offers. Our flexible cooking zones accommodate multiple pots and pans as well as teppanyaki pans up to 16-inches long. HeatShift® allows you to change power levels by simply moving the pot, perfect for going from a sauté to a simmer. MoveMode® is another intuitive feature that takes your power setting with you when you move cookware across the surface. PanBoost® accurately heats and holds oil temperatures. And CookSmart® includes five preset frying levels for consistent results. Purposeful features like these make Thermador Induction so wonderful for those who love to cook and entertain.

Thermador is known for gas range performance. How would you help translate the power of induction for those more familiar with gas?

Consumers gravitate to gas products for many reasons. The Thermador Star® Burner is a high-performance and beautifully designed shape. And in the same way we've invested in creating the best gas products on the market, we've raised the bar for induction as well. With 23 US patents, our induction advancements provide unparalleled performance and cooking flexibility.

As a luxury brand well known for design and craftsmanship, what does induction bring to the table?

From a design standpoint, our induction cooktops make a sophisticated statement in any kitchen. They're absolutely stunning, especially if you have an eye for minimalist or European design. The cooking surface is one piece of mirrored glass, so it beautifully integrates into a seamless look with your kitchen countertops.

What's next for Thermador and induction?

I'm beyond excited not only about our all-new Pro Harmony® Induction Ranges, but about our entire induction collection. It offers the most advanced induction features with an unmatched true convection oven, allowing us to build on the Thermador performance legacy. With 30-inch and 36-inch range models now available, consumers will now have non-gas options from Thermador. These smart appliances are WiFi- enabled, so you can control and monitor temperatures via the Home Connect® app. And with this portfolio expansion, we have even more product options that fulfill the needs of people who love new technology—and who love to cook.

How would you sum up Thermador induction at this moment?

It's innovation at its finest. People know us for exceptional cooking experiences. Now with our Induction Innovation Collection, we've created another way to deliver that. It's the next chapter in our legacy of leadership in the home.

By Mina Lee, Senior Product Marketing Manager