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In the Zone Ask any athlete, and he or she will tell you that trying to duplicate a career-defining moment is almost impossible.

By James Park

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Ask Bill Rasmussen, and he'll probably tell you not to let the facts get in the way--meaning when someone says something can't be done, you shouldn't let that stop you.

As the founder of ESPN, Rasmussen knows what he's talking about. When he started ESPN in 1978, the concept of around-the-clock sports coverage on cable TV was unheard of--and yet he built that idea into the authority on sports news and events. Rasmussen, 75, hopes to do the same with his latest venture, Focusing on the world of Division II and III college sports, the site features traditional sports content--like scores, highlights and news-- alongside a collection of social networking tools. Users can create profile pages, upload pictures and video, and even create their own sports talk shows.

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