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Multifunction Machines Shopping for multifunctional devices.

By Jessica Hale

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Need the latest in office technology but don't have room inyour office--or your budget--for all those different machines? Takeadvantage of the new streamlining trend by purchasing one of thelatest multifunction office machines.

Dubbed MFDs (multifunctional devices), these marvels of moderntechnology enable you to print, scan, copy and send faxes directlyfrom your computer using one compact unit. Though MFDs are poppingup in offices everywhere, the midpriced models are ideal for small-and home-office use. They save space, cut down on clutter and allowhomebased and small-business owners to acquire all theaccoutrements of a large corporate office--for a fraction of theprice. Some MFDs even come with extras such as software packages,color printing and telephone answering machines that can make doingbusiness considerably more convenient.

Four different print processes are available: laser, lightemitting diode (LED), thermal transfer and inkjet. Laser printingprovides the highest printing quality, LED is near laser quality,and inkjets and thermal transfer are slightly less precise but muchless expensive.

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