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Look out! Look out for that kidon . . . roller skates? Despite the fact thatin-line skates appeared to all but run over their popularity not solong ago, roller skates are back in vogue. They're pulling aTravolta, if you will.

"I think 1998 is going to be a very strong year forconventional skating," says Jim Ball, 44, president and ownerof the South Gate, California, roller-skate manufacturerSure-Grip International. "It's kind of becoming acool thing to do."

Ball has plenty of reasons to be optimistic: Sales ofconventional skates at Sure-Grip were up 20 percent last year andare expected to increase 25 percent this year. What's more,attendance at roller rinks throughout the country is reportedly up.Throw in a disco ball and a few Donna Summer tunes, and it'sthe 1970s all over again.

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