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Kelta End Sale Coming: Use a Reliable Way to Invest

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What are modern miners, traders and investors looking for in the crypto space? Reliability, guaranteed results, and fascinating project ideas seem to be the universal values of people willing to invest in cryptocurrency. Fortunately, a great variety of ICO companies provide these desired opportunities, and one of them is Kelta, a partner to completely rely on in matters of successful investment.

How Kelta's Great Idea Produces Real Money

Kelta, a global corporation of the ICO variety, consists of Kelta itself, AGEM DATA, which is the owner of the data center building, and Kelta Mining, the data center operator and token vendor. Having the essence of a data center, it provides hosting services for a plethora of purposes, including scientific research, neural network testing, game services, and cryptocurrency mining.

Fully operational and profitable, Kelta's clients choose it among other powerful stations due to its key advantages including energy efficiency, security, and accessibility. Additionally, two powerful diesel generators stand ready as a reserve power source that prevents the probability of drop outs, ensuring the continuity of work. In the near future, the Kelta founders are planning to implement super efficient immersion-cooling technology that will significantly lower energy costs.

The ICO idea of Kelta makes its data center more accessible to a wider community. The company is gradually realizing this ambition through the launch of its own token system with general economics 1 KLT = 0.00565 ETH = 1 Watt of facility power, Market Cap - 56.500 ETH. KLT, a utility token represents access to 1 watt of the data center's capacity.

Other benefits of token ownership include access to the KELTA app where users can access the data center through different devices. Users can manage their KLT tokens (buy and sell them), employ the network mining system, selecting from 4 different cryptocurrency algorithms, including Ethash-Ethereum, CryptoNightV7-Monero, Equihash-Zcash and Skein-Digibyte. Clients can also communicate directly with the Kelta team regarding scientific research issues.

If you want to join the KLT race, keep in mind that Kelta, from time to time, conducts large-scale sales of tokens. The number is determined by the amount of funds collected during the ICO. There are factors which determine the token price such as trading volume and the success of the project. At the moment, one of the most successful sales is coming to end. Can you imagine that 1 week prior to finish, Kelta has collected more then $30 mln using today's ETH to USD exchange rate?

With this impressive result, the company's aim of promoting the Kelta Data Center is nearly a mission accomplished! Since Kelta is a fully-functional data center and cryptocurrency mining company that regularly earns a profit, there should be no reason the price should fall. So if you strive to have a reliable ICO partner with fascinating project ideas that will give you guaranteed results, Kelta should be your first choice.

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