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Leading the Smart Appliance Revolution Thermador and the future of kitchen tech.


Time is a precious commodity these days. The last thing ambitious entrepreneurs and other professionals want is to be slowed down and frustrated by outdated appliances and other technology in their home. This is especially true in one room where we tend to spend a lot of time: the kitchen.

Creating and executing the brand vision for the iconic Thermador home appliance brand, Beatriz Sandoval is always pushing the boundaries for the innovative solutions of the future. "Our customers want the latest technology and a fully connected suite of appliances that allows them the ultimate control—and Thermador is proud to deliver these solutions," she says.

How is Thermador innovating the luxury kitchen appliance space?
The Thermador heritage is based on a history of industry firsts. We invented the first wall oven and cooktop in 1947. Being an innovative brand is in our DNA. It is our responsibility to deliver breakthrough products for our tech-savvy clients, and smart appliance connectivity is the latest way we have been able to achieve that.

Beatriz Sandoval, Head of Marketing, Thermador
Image credit: Thermador

Why is connectivity important in the kitchen?
Our customers lead connected lives and we feel the kitchen should be a central part of that. The Home Connect app features an open platform so they can connect with the smart devices they already use like Amazon, Google, Apple Watch, and many others, to ensure a seamless experience. Who wouldn't want to start their coffee from bed every morning with a simple voice command from Alexa?

Why has Thermador placed so much focus on connectivity?
We want to empower and inspire our customers and to be part of their culinary, design, and tech-rich adventures. The connectivity offered through Home Connect follows their lifestyle. It allows them to stay in control of their connected product suite from anywhere. That could mean starting a dish cycle from upstairs or preheating the oven from your car on the way home from soccer practice.

One of Thermador's stated goals is to go "beyond the kitchen' with its offerings. Can you explain?
I like to say that we don't just sell kitchen appliances, but rather "full-home" appliances. Our customers want a completely personalized design experience, and our products are ideal for ancillary spaces in the home. For example, undercounter refrigeration is perfect in an exercise room for a chilled coconut water right after a workout. Others incorporate our refrigeration in a master bathroom for high-end skincare or refrigerated medication. Another great design idea is using our connected built-in coffee machines in a home office or master bedroom.

Image credit: Thermador

In what other ways are you pushing innovation today?
We are very proud to offer leading-edge technology across all our product categories. Our exclusive connected Freedom induction cooktops allow you to cook on the cooktop's entire surface, from edge to edge. It also remembers your cooking settings when you move your pan from one place to another. Our top-rated, connected refrigeration is designed with full stainless-steel interiors and state-of-the-art interior lighting. Our products are compatible with a growing ecosystem of smart devices and services—from Google Assistant to Crestron—for a fully connected home experience.

Can you forecast the future of product development for Thermador?
New product features and benefits will continue to emerge through app updates and new connected partner devices and services. As technology evolves, we'll keep listening to the voice of our customers and tailor our products to the way they live and engage in their daily lives. We know that being connected is part of their mindset and we'll continue to push innovation in that space. We just turned 106 years young—we're just getting started.

Click here to learn more about Thermador's line of innovative, luxury kitchen appliances.

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