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Look at Daniel Patterson's Evolution from Educator to Entrepreneur

Daniel Patterson's evolution from educator to entrepreneur has been rapid and transformational, defying even his own ambitious goals, expectations and timeline. His transition from school teacher/administrator to author, speaker, and consultant has been rooted in his creative innovation and tethered by his relentless passion to improve the lives of teenagers. Parenting can be a dizzying battleground. Too much presence in a child's life and parents are deemed helicopters, not enough and they're qualified as out to lunch. The influx of technology, social media, as well as an exceedingly overwhelming current of academic and college pressure has whipped the parenting world into a frenzy--leaving parents searching for answers, solutions, and tools with which to proceed most efficiently and effectively. Within the sea of traditional parenting gurus and experts, Patterson's new book The Assertive Parent brings a new voice to the parenting discussion, particularly within the context of teenagers.

Having contributed regularly for the HuffPost, the Los Angeles Times, and several magazines and online platforms, Patterson secured a publishing agreement with Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing and embarked on his journey to present his core tenants for properly supporting teenagers. The Assertive Parent breathes fresh, practical air, into the clouded and often repetitive confines of parenting advice by seamlessly introducing experienced-based and realistic perspectives on not only being a teenager but parenting one. He covers hot-button issues like substance use, social media, peer pressure, cyber-bullying, high school academics, and family intervention and support systems. The Assertive Parent is tightly woven with humor, anecdotes and personal reflection which makes it a worthwhile, entertaining and easy read. His audience has responded passionately calling it "my new toolkit for parenting" and "honest, open...and amazing food for thought." The core factor that differentiates it from other parenting books is its ability to package strategies that are tangible, flexible and free from judgment and rigidity.

Daniel Patterson has dedicated his life to education and supporting parents to raise authentic, vibrant, and thriving teenagers. As a father of three, and with more than 15 years working within education, Patterson sought to extend his reach and avenues to effect positive and progressive changes. In 2017, inspired by the loss of a close friend to mental health, he took a gigantic leap of faith by launching his full-time consulting firm, Patterson Perspective Inc. While many questioned his intuition, Patterson quickly established what has become a thriving, progressive, and quickly-expanding niche. Though he stepped away from the brick-and-mortar of a school setting, he has maintained his pulse on the teen-world by meeting with minimally twenty teenagers per week since launching his venture. Patterson operates what he refers to as an educational-centered coaching practice, serving as a concierge to families. He supports families by operating a parallel coaching process with teenagers and their parents, helping them to identify, set and accomplish both personal and family goals.

As his new path has unfolded, Patterson has garnered the attention of others. He has been a featured voice in several publications including NBC News, the Orange County Register, Sheknows.com, Bustle.com, among others. He has been an invited expert on podcasts, radios stations, and speaking engagements including TedX Newport Beach, My Dad Pod, The Bruce Cook Show, No Bounds Podcast, Fox News and is the keynote speaker for Canada's 2019 "Parenting 101" Conference.