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Soft Money Gumby's got nothing on this flexible fund.

By Dian Vujovich

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

You've got to love the Wasatch familyof funds. This Utah-based fund family has a stellar record for fundmanagement, but today, only one of its funds remains open to newinvestors: the Wasatch Global Science & Technology Fund(WAGTX).

Ajay Krishnan manages this 3-year-old sector fund, and typicalof all funds within the family, uses a bottom-up approach toinvesting, is research driven, and is very price/earningssensitive. "Just in terms of our valuation discipline,"says Krishnan, "we're trying to capture growth, but wedon't think you have to take on undue P/E risk to getit."

That strategy has paid off. The fund was up 48 percent in 2003,and ranked No. 1 in overall performance over the past three yearsin Lipper's Science & Technology Category.

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