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Sync or Swim's latest file management tool makes online storage faster and easier.

By Liane M. Gouthro

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.'s products have most typically been used to syncone PC to another. But LapLink knows that not all your documents,files and folders are stored on your hard drive or afloppy-they're probably stored on the Web, too.ExpressLoader, one of the first products in LapLink's series ofInternet file management tools, is designed to make online storagea cinch.

ExpressLoader is available through LapLink's online storagepartners, which currently include Driveway, My Docs Online andOracle. Although many of these companies' services are free,the ExpressLoader feature is available as part of their fee-basedenhanced versions, like Premium My Docs Online, which starts at$34.95.

After a quick download, the program resides on your computer.The interface resembles that of Windows Explorer, making it easy tofind your bearings. The windows allow you to navigate your waythrough the contents on your computer and your Web-based storageaccounts. (You can navigate through multiple accounts while runningExpressLoader in just one window.) At its most basic, theapplication allows you to upload and download documents betweenyour PC and your Web storage with a single click. And, although youcan accomplish the same result without ExpressLoader, using it ismuch quicker than navigating through the Web site of your onlinestorage provider.

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