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Smart Idea This innovative advertising device catches golfers' attention even while they keep their eye on the ball.

By Sara Wilson

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

What: Manufacturer of polyurethane products, including agolf-ball holder
Who: James Dewberry of Adverturf
Where: Canton, Georgia
When: 2002

Hands on the club, feet planted firmly, eyes on theball-you're ready to take the perfect swing. Concentratingdeeply, you inadvertently glance several feet ahead of you at astrategically placed advertisement in an Adverturf unit, agolf-ball tray and tee divider that has slots on both sides forads. Although later you may not even recall all you saw during thatquick glance, you can be sure that James Dewberry, 34, is bankingon your subconscious remembering everything.

With golf equipment manufacturers as his target customer,Dewberry, a former money manager, was driven to invent the perfectadvertising device-one that could promise prime exposure togolf-lovers during intense moments of concentration. Two years and$35,000 later, he was ready to put his product, made ofpolyurethane, to the ultimate field test. "[It was] trial byfire," says Dewberry. "I put them out in the Georgia heatfor a summer, and the sun didn't mess them up."

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